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Psychotherapy is a talking therapy, which uses psychological methods to help change behaviour, as well as to overcome problems in the best way, tailored to you as an individual. Psychotherapy aims to improve wellbeing and mental health as well as working to resolve troublesome behaviours, compulsions, thoughts and emotions. Psychotherapy can also work to improve relationships and social skills.

The relationship between client and therapist is strictly professional and exists only for the purpose of helping

you, the individual.

what is Psychotherapy?

about me


I'm a fully qualified accredited psychotherapist with a lot of experience in many areas of mental health. Experience has taught me that there are many reasons for someone seeking therapy. Sometimes there are specific issues that need confronting and working through, a recent event may have caused a negative impact on a persons life or it may be that people just need to talk and feel supported, listened to and help with changing how they feel.

I work to create a warm, confidential and welcoming space to unload the issues you face. Together we can work through problems and difficulties that you are experiencing.


We will work together to explore a new understanding and develop a fresh way of thinking. We will focus on important areas in your life, which may be contributing to how you feel. Pressures such as family, work, financial, health or any other issues which may be adding to your problems. We can then understand how these problems have arisen and work together toward a solution, in order to make more positive changes both psychologically, physically and emotionally.

  • Counselling Certificate Level 3

  • Level 4 Award In Counselling And Psychotherapy

  • Advanced Diploma Of Counselling And Psychology

about the process

Lets talk

Things start to move in the right direction with just a few words.

The first session is thirty minutes free and is about getting to know each other so that you can see if you are happy to continue therapy. This first session gives me the chance to assess how and if I can help you.


Sessions will then be tailored to your needs and can be short term or open ended depending on what suits you. Sessions will be weekly for one hour to suit your own schedule and our flexible to fit and around your daily commitments

I use Intergrative therapy with clients which covers affective, behavioural, cognitive, physical and social aspects of an individual. This helps to encourage the achievement of wholeness and functioning to the best fullest potential. I don't believe in using just one approach to therapy, as everyone is different with different life experiences. One therapeutic approach alone will not necessarily suit all. I work to combine different therapeutic approaches to tailor an approach that will work best for you.


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress Problems

  • Couples And Relationships

  • Grief And Bereavement

  • Crisis

  • Abortion 

  • Family

  • One To One 

  • Low Self Esteem

Lets talk

Things start to move in the right direction with just a few words.

session costs

One hour session via Skype, email and telephone £35/hr


I will require twenty fourhrs notice for cancellations. Any cancellation within twenty four hours will still be charged. Payments can be set up and made through bank transfer before your session.

wellbeing and mindfullness

It takes strength to fight your emotions, feelings and behaviours but there is always another way. With my help I can support you to find happiness and calm in your life again. There is always hope and the biggest step of all is reaching out and asking for help, which I understand can be the hardest thing to do.


Starting this journey is the start of your healing.


lets talk

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